I am Federica Bertoni, Computer Forensic Expert and the first woman in Italy to be certified CIFI (Certified Information Forensics Investigator) and the only one, at the time, among the candidates in Italy, to have passed the exam with the highest score (125/125). I am among the pioneers of Computer Forensics and Mobile Forensics in Italy. I am founder and owner of Brixia Forensics.

With a Law degree at the University of Brescia, with a thesis in Legal Informatics focused on the cybersecurity and legal aspects of the “phishing-privacy” binomial, I have been a Conciliator at the Brescia Chamber of Commerce Conciliation and Arbitration Service, in ITC disputes.

Certified Technical Consultant and Expert Witness enrolled in both the Rolls of the Ordinary Court of Brescia and the Roll of Experts and Experts at the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia, at no. 553, Category XXIII – Computer Science, sub-category 005 – Forensic Information Technology, for the last 15 years I have been mostly working as a CTP for law firms and companies, and for about four years now I have been involved in some study and research activities, to which I devote myself with deep passion, collaborating with the Department of Legal Informatics Chairs of the Faculties of Law of the Universities of Milan and Brescia.

I was a member of both the IISFA Italian Chapter and the Scientific Committee of CLUSIT, the Italian Association for Information Security, from 2018 to 2021.

Already Affiliate Scholar and Fellow Researcher, from 2017 to March 31, 2022, of the Information Society Law Research Center (ISLC) of the University of Milan directed by Professor Giovanni Ziccardi, since April 15, 2022 I am Residential Affiliate Fellow in the renewed composition of the research group, for the year 2022/2023.

I have been dealing professionally with cybercrime since 2000. I have authored or coauthored several publications on Information Security, Information and New Technology Law, and Digital Forensics.

Mine is the paper “Deepfake, or Manipulate and Imperate. An analysis on the causes, effects and tools for national security in the context of the malicious use of artificial intelligence for the purposes of disinformation and propaganda,” CIBERSPAZIO E DIRITTO, STEM Mucchi Editore, vol. 20 no. 62 (1-2 – 2019), p. 12-28.

I am currently editing a scientific monograph on electronic voting, for the series “Informatica Giuridica” published by Giuffrè Lefebvre and edited by Giovanni Ziccardi and Pierluigi Perri.

I am a partner in the Coalition Against Stalkerware (CAS) and a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

In 2020 I developed and launched a multidisciplinary project called donneconloscudo.

I am collaborating with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Brescia on the training of the students admitted to the CyberChallenge 2023 and with the Professors of the Network Security, Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation Courses.